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You are under contract on your dream home… Now what?


Our job is to coordinate many behind-the-scenes activities and work together with all interested parties to ensure a smooth and mutually satisfying transaction
During the closing process, we’re conducting a search on the property’s title. We search through property records looking for potential problems that might prevent a smooth transfer of ownership. Such issues include old liens, tax liability, easements, restrictions and housing code violations

Pre-closing Home Inspection

This protects you against any structural or other major flaws to the property. Work with your realtor to hire a professional inspector to walk you through the property and detect any issues. Ask questions!! Be as thorough as you need to be in order to put your mind at ease. Be sure to obtain a written summary of the inspector’s findings and discuss any concerns you may have with your realtor. You may be able to request that the seller address some issues found during the home inspection. 

Your lender will require an appraisal of the property’s fair market value to ensure they’re not lending you more than the house is actually worth.  Most lenders will take care of scheduling the appraisal directly with the realtor or the appraisal company. This is an important step in the loan process and you will be sent a copy of the appraisal report once completed. 

Ordering the title search is the first step for the Closer in the Settlement Process. Once title is confirmed to be clear, title insurance can be issued and the settlement process moves forward. Title insurance will protect against any unforeseen claims against the property that may arise. Call Seven Hills Settlement and get a rate quote today! Title insurance is the best and easiest way to protect your ownership of the property you purchase.

Because your new home will be used as collateral against your loan, your lender requires that you to take out homeowner’s insurance. Be sure to do your research as not all home owners insurance policies are the same! Call various companies for quotes, and begin this process well in advance of the closing date. You will likely be required to show proof of purchase, called a “binder,” as a condition of sale. Your insurance company provides the binder, usually directly to the lender or Closer. 

Usually within 24 hours before your closing date, your agent will have you conduct a walk-through of the property to ensure that it’s in good condition and that any issues and/or contingencies (usually raised by the home inspection) are resolved. Be sure to look over every area of the property, including the crawl space, attic or unfinished portions. 

Settlement Process

Keeping a close eye on the details

We review all documents to ensure accuracy in chain of ownership.  Once our work is complete, we offer title insurance to the lender to protect the bank from any undiscovered issues surrounding the title. Because the lender’s policy protects only the lender, you’ll want to be sure you’re covered by a title insurance policy of your own.

In addition, we ensure the purchase contract is complete and accurate. If you’ve paid a deposit or “earnest money,” the agent places the funds into an escrow account. The agent also coordinates the payoff of an existing mortgage, making sure the payoff figure is available for the final closing.

If there are any problems with the property, we bring them to the attention of all parties involved for resolution.


Seven Hills has you covered!

We are here for you. Seven Hills Settlement has a proven track record in obtaining unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments that inhibit clear title. We do not rest until YOU can obtain clear title to your home!

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