The Settlement Process

You are under contract on your dream home… Now what?

Settlement Process

Making The

Process Easy

Our job is to coordinate many behind-the-scene activities and work together with all parties to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

During the closing process, your settlement agent is responsible for facilitating the closing by reviewing the history of title to the property, finalizing all fees associated with the closing, preparing and recording necessary documents, collecting and dispersing funds. Throughout the entire settlement process, we are working on your behalf because your home is our priority and bringing you home is our business.

Settlement Process

It’s In The Details

Our award-winning team of real estate professionals has you covered from the first step of searching the title through the last stage of issuing your title insurance policy. You can trust Seven Hills Settlement to ensure accuracy in the chain of ownership and the documents created for your closing. 

If any title issues with the property are discovered, we contact all parties involved as soon as possible and work towards finding a resolution. 


The Settlement Process

Seven Hills Settlement has you covered!

We are here for you. Seven Hills Settlement has a proven track record in obtaining unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments that inhibit clear title. We do not rest until YOU can obtain clear title to your home!

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