The Players

A number of different people are involved in the process of purchasing  real estate. You can expect to see any or all of them at the closing table. 

What You Need To Know

The title to your property is your legal proof of ownership. It’s very important that you have title, and title insurance protects you in the event there is a problem with the seller’s title.

Oddly enough, it isn’t always the case that someone selling a property has a clear title of ownership, due to mistakes or omissions.


The most important part!! The Settlement Agent will work with your schedule to set the best time for the Closing. 

Real Estate Agent

The agent represents your interests in purchasing the property and acts as an intermediary between you and the seller. Generally assists in helping you purchase property for the lowest possible price and best terms and making sure any contract contingencies are met.

Settlement Agents

The Settlement Agent is a representative from your title company or an attorney responsible for facilitating the closing by reviewing title to the property, finalizing all fees associated with the purchase, preparing, recording, collecting and disbursing funds. Throughout the entire settlement process, your Settlement Agent is working on your behalf, taking care of all the behind the scene items.


The institution, which is usually a bank or mortgage company, lends the money to the buyer. The lender is often called the “mortgagee”, while the borrower is referred to as the “mortgagor”. Typically, your Loan Officer will be in contact with you throughout the settlement process, providing you with updates and possibly requesting documents from you. It is important that you feel confident in the lender that you choose.

Seven Hills Has You Covered! 

We are here for you. Seven Hills Settlement has a proven track record in obtaining unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments that inhibit clear title. We do not rest until YOU can obtain clear title to your home!