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Most people shop for a home before they shop for a mortgage. But, really, first you need to know how much of a mortgage you can afford, and then look for a home that can qualify for the mortgage you can afford. Consequently, it’s best to pre-qualify for a home mortgage before you start looking seriously at houses, let alone make an offer on one.


Basic homeowners insurance

You need to secure homeowner’s insurance in order to get a loan to buy a house. But a homeowner’s policy can covers more than just the structure itself.

Loans + Mortgages

Mortgages come in many variations, with a number of different options, so you should consult a lending professional to help you choose the right loan for your personal circumstances. Click below for a quick overview of two common types of mortgage loans.

Title Insurance

The title insurance policy protects you against covered financial losses associated with claims against the title that were not discovered during the title search process. It also protects you against the rejection of title by the subsequent buyer of your property due to pre-existing title defects.

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